5 Simple Statements About process Explained

Current Illustrations on the internet: Noun The primary reason will be to share and assistance other instructors that have or are going to be undergoing a similar process

Plans consist of sequences of instructions for processors. A single processor can operate only one instruction at a time: it really is extremely hard to operate additional programs simultaneously. A application could want some source, like an input system, that has a sizable hold off, or even a system might start out some sluggish operation, which include sending output to the printer.

cecal appendage, vermiform appendix, vermiform process, appendix - a vestigial process that extends through the reduced finish of your cecum Which resembles a little pouch

Fulfill your new business companion Rewards incorporate 2 miles for each $one used on United purchases, on nearby transit and commuting, and at gas stations, Place of work offer outlets and dining places.

The medially projecting process of your zygomatic bone that articulates Along with the maxilla. It kinds the inferior lateral margin of orbit.

From Cambridge English Corpus   Because of this, philosophical modernity assumes that human beings are just the next form of animal existence ensuing from the slow evolutionary process

one operation. Process, procedure, continuing apply to a thing indian visa that goes on or requires put. A process is actually a series of progressive and interdependent methods by which an conclude is attained: a chemical process.

better cognitive process - cognitive processes that presuppose the availability of information and put it to implement

fluoridate, fluoridise, fluoridize - issue to fluoridation; address with fluoride; "fluoridized h2o"; "fluoridize the enamel of youngsters"

one. A pointed process of the temporal bone, projecting downward, and to which a number of the muscles on the tongue are connected.

Having said that, in multiprocessing programs numerous processes may perhaps operate off of, or share, exactly the same reentrant application at precisely the same location in memory, but Just about every process is claimed to own its possess image of This system.

Process commonly implies a proper or established purchase of doing a issue, a method of conducting affairs: parliamentary treatment. Continuing (generally pl.) relates to what goes on or takes area with a provided celebration or towards the records in the celebration: Proceedings from the Royal Academy of Sciences.

Process-based administration, is often a administration strategy that views a company as a group of processes

if a little something is going on, and something else takes place in the process, the 2nd point comes about due to the very first:

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