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horn - any tough protuberance from The top of an organism that is comparable to or suggestive of a horn

Those same risks, defined as weaknesses related to specific process parts, is often tracked or monitored as being the deal progresses by accomplishing the next:

Company process modeling, activity of representing processes of an business as a way to produce advancements

pterygoid process possibly of The 2 processes with the sphenoid bone, descending through the points of junction of the great wings and your body in the bone, and each consisting of the lateral along with a medial plate.

olecranon, olecranon process - process in the ulna that sorts the outer bump in the elbow and suits into the fossa with the humerus if the arm is prolonged

basilar process a quadrilateral plate from the occipital bone projecting superiorly and anteriorly with the foramen magnum.

The assorted process states, shown in a condition diagram, with arrows indian visa indicating probable transitions among states.

An upward projection of the maxilla that articulates With all the frontal bone; kinds Element of the orbit and nasal fossa.

2a : to matter to some special process or cure (as in the middle of manufacture or film progress)

PLM & lean merchandise progress: lean initiatives to get rid of waste are usually not just for creation and stock administration. In addition they utilize to product or service development. Here's how PLM can make that transpire

Specific Worldwide tourists could possibly be suitable to vacation to The us without having a visa when they meet up with the necessities for visa-cost-free vacation. The Visa segment of this Web page is about U.S. visas for overseas citizens to travel to The us.

, technique - A process is usually a established or number of actions directed to some end or possibly a purely natural number of alterations; a process is usually a series of actions executed in a certain way, a longtime strategy for performing one thing.

In the region on the primitive mouth of your embryo, a median swelling that's the precursor in the nose, higher lip, and front Component of the palate.

A horn-formed process in the mastoid portion of the temporal bone extending downward and ahead driving the exterior auditory meatus. It serves for attachment of your sternocleidomastoid, splenius capitis, and longissimus capitis muscles.

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